Bob’s Bitching Blog


Obviously this is not a place for kids. The content, language, and issues will be mature in nature.

There are two pages on this blog.

The page called Bitching will be used by me to vent about things in my life and in the world that i am upset by. This page is meant only as a place for me to voice my personal opinions on any range of issues. These issues may be inflammatory in nature and as such will offend many people. It’s fine to be offended by my posts and to disagree with me but I refuse to censor myself for the comfort of others.

The page called Stories will be simply a place for me to tell stories about my life and things i have done. These stories might also be offensive to some but i will generally try to keep the sensitive issues out of this page.

Lastly, I want to welcome you to my stupid little blog and I invite you to email me at with any issues you want me to discuss or any CIVIL disagreements you may have. I am not out to make enemies, I just want to bitch and tell stories.

Again, welcome and i hope you enjoy reading!



Commenting Rules:

If these rules aren’t followed I will remove your comment, if it becomes a consistent problem I will just turn off commenting

Don’t be a dick!

Seriously don’t be a dick.

No witch-hunts

No posting of personal info.

No linking to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Linkedin.

If you want to put something from these sites, screenshot it and host it on Imgur.

No racial/ any other kind of slurs (general swearing such as calling someone a bitch is fine)

No name calling

Please only relevant comments, if you want to discuss something else, email me and I will respond when i have time.


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