First Post!

I am still trying to figure out how to make the site do what i want but wordpress is supposedly easy so i should be able to figure it out.

Today I wanted to post something easy so I’m just going to put up a transcript of a facebook post I made in relation to the terror attack in Manchester England on Monday (5/22/17)

My heart goes out to the people of Manchester and my friends in the UK. Please be safe and don’t let these f***heads scare you. They want you to be afraid to walk around in your own home and you can’t let them win. The strength of love and determination outweighs the power of crazy fundamentalism every time.

These “people” (I hesitate to say people because they are nothing more than animals) want to sow distrust and fear in our communities and neighborhoods. It is more important than ever to understand everyone and not fear people just because of what they look like or what God/Gods they choose to worship/not worship. The enemy wants you to be afraid of all Muslims because it allows them to convince decent Muslim people that we hate them.

It is important to remember that every group has bad people but the majority of all people are good and only want to live their life in the way that suits them the best. Our generation is doing so much work to get rid of prejudice and these f***kers are trying so hard to ruin all of this progress we’ve made and we cant let it happen.

(While very overused now) A saying was created 80 years ago during WWII that encapsulated the British idea of not letting the enemy bring down morale and continuing to go about your daily lives, in this spirit i have one final thing to say.

Keep Calm and Carry On as you have always done and now, as in the past, the enemy will falter and lose. Its up to us to prove to them that they cant bring us down, not just in Europe but all over the world.

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